BuildingPortal can be used through any of the following MarketSpaces.

VIMtrek Cloud

The VIMtrek Cloud offers building visualization and project collaboration to the entire AEC and BPM community from conceptualization and design, through submittals and construction, to facilities management.

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VIMtrek offers companies who have clients in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries a chance to expand their offerings by becoming a reseller for VIMtrek.

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What are MarketSpaces?

MarketSpaces are partnerships between BuildingPortal and companies who offer complementary services and products.

Each of these partnerships strengthens that company's offering with the benefits of building visualization and collaboration.

Every workspace that a customer creates on BuildingPortal is under the terms and conditions of one of these partnerships.


Who's behind BuildingPortal

VIMtrek are proud to have developed and operate BuildingPortal on behalf of the AEC community.

Regardless as to whether you are a VIMtrek customer or not, through BuildingPortal’s secure web application, storage and computation platform, anyone can host their projects here and benefit from sharing them and collaborating with others within a secure team.

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