What is the VIMtrek Cloud?


The VIMtrek Cloud is a cloud service that helps you visualize your building design (Revit model) as a 3D, free roam visualization on either your desktop computer (PC and Mac) or in Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift and GearVR).

It is also useful for

  • High-resolution image capture and printing from the 3D rendered and lit model
  • Distribution of the latest visualized models (VIM's) to all team members (such as for weekly team review)
  • Collaboration using VIMnotes (a 3D post-it note style system)
  • Converting Revit files to Unity packages (complete with all material data, lights, and lighting data) for further customized visualization work by your in-house Unity developers

The VIMtrek Cloud is the standard (and default) MarketSpace through which customers gain access to the capabilities of BuildingPortal.

Submit your building project into the VIMtrek Cloud and your Revit building files will be converted into a fully immersive 3D interactive walk through (running in the Unity 3D video game engine).

This visualization retains and displays all BIM data from the original Revit design. It provides hyperlinked access to our SmartBIM Library with CataList-Interactive Catalog, and content creation, green product selection through ecoScorecard, an environmental evaluation tool that provides your customers and sales force easy-to-use documentation and access to your products’ sustainability characteristics.


You simply upload a Revit project into your secure workspace on BuildingPortal, submit it for VIM production, view the resulting building in the VIMtrek 3D Building Viewer, and collaborate with each other within the 3D space of the virtual building.

This suite is also very useful for design professionals who want to move a Revit design to Unity for further customization of the visualization experience.

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Discover the Benefits

The VIMtrek Cloud enables you to build a better building with fewer errors at a lower cost and in less time. It aims to help all members of the AEC industry realize the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) by supplementing it with high quality visualization.

Accuracy of Visual Communication
When everyone sees what they are building in 3D, design errors are caught early, misunderstandings are reduced and the building is built with fewer delays.

Distribution of Latest Views
When everyone is confident that they are seeing the latest version of the building design, there is less confusion and more confidence on the project.

Simple but Formalized Collaboration
When everyone knows that their comments have been appropriately taken into account, it results in greater satisfaction from all parties.